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THK CSR Report 2007/2008

THK CSR Report 2007/2008


THK CSR Report 2007/2008
Download the entire report (11.4MB pdf)(English)
Note: We have also divided the contents of this file into smaller files, which can be downloaded more quickly. Please refer to the list below. 

(PDF 840KB)(English)
Message from the top
(PDF 2.046KB)(English)
Dialogue : CSR at THK
With Professor Masumi Shiraishi Faculty of Policy Studies Kansai University
The THK Group
(PDF 646KB)(English)
Company profile, Main Products, Sales figures etc.
Feature section: CSR at THK
(PDF 4,615KB)(English)

A revolution brought about by LM Guide
Japanese monotsukuri
Applications throughout society
Developing and popularizing seismic isolation devices
Contributing to the future
Management system
(PDF 1,258KB)(English)

Corporate governance
Compliance and risk management
Information security
Involvement in society
(PDF 3,963KB)(English)

Together with our customers
Together with our partner businesses
Together with our shareholders
Together with our employees
Together with local communities
Harmony with the environment
(PDF 3,660KB)(English)

Promoting environmental management
Environmental impact: The big picture
Energy conservation
Material conservation and zero emissions
Environment - friendly products and services
Management of hazardous substances
Third-party opinion
(PDF 180KB)(English)
Professor Shigeo Shimizu
Dept. of Precision Engineering School of Science and Technology
Meiji University