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CSR Report 2008/2009

THK CSR Report 2008


THK Group has followed up with the THK CSR Report 2008/2009, our second report. This provides a summary of the Group's activities and efforts in the area of corporate social responsibility.

This report is a communicative tool that will enable us to obtain vital feedback and further improve the quality of THK's business activities.

THK CSR Report 2008/2009
Download the entire report (2,320KB pdf)(English)
Note: We have also divided the contents of this file into smaller files, which can be downloaded more quickly. Please refer to the list below. 

(PDF 140KB)(English)
Sales figures etc.
Message from the top
(PDF 96KB)(English)
Feature section: CSR at THK
(PDF 530KB)(English)
The need for anti-earthquake measures
Robotic telesurgery: A dream comes true
Promoting CSR
(PDF 59KB)(English)
Objectives and organization of the CSR project
Management system
(PDF 188KB)(English)
Corporate governance
Risk management and information security
Involvement in society
(PDF 756KB)(English)

Together with our customers
Together with our shareholders
Together with our partner businesses
Together with our employees
Together with local communities
Harmony with the environment
(PDF 564KB)(English)

Promoting environmental management
Environmental management system
Environmental impact: The big picture
Environment - friendly products
Preventing global warning
Material conservation and zero emissions
Chemical controls
Green distribution 
Third-party opinion
(PDF 180KB)(English)
Professor Yoshiaki Okami
Graduate School of System Design and Management,
Keio University